Richiest solution to provide WiFi automated check-in to your clients

Looking for a way to promote and automate the network of your business?
Get to know the most complete hotspot solution on the market. Where you can provide access amoung several entries methods like Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and many more to come. Being able to check-in through all available platforms.

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See with the eyes of those who already uses the solution

What your customer sees?

Forget the lost time providing WiFi password to your customers, from which they consume your internet, often obstructing the network from it's use for internal systems and you end up never getting a profit from that consumption.

With this solution, your client connects on it's own and gets redirected to an interactive, user-friendly page designed to induce your customer to an automated Check-in in order to authenticate themselves to your network and gain access to the internet.


What you as entrepreneur or micro entrepreneur see?

A robust and complete system dedicated to provide you the best data structure for information and marketing purposes, as well as control tools for your router and more.

  • Make yourself at home

    A complete area to show you alerts, access data, monthly and weekly traffic averages

  • Edit your informations

    Set up your establishment name, enter social pages, change the name of your network or restart your router if you wish

  • Customize

    Change the main color of your page, logo, make it look even more lovely

  • Clients list

    Identify your customers, quantity and day of access of each one of them

  • Multi-platform

    Choose the methods you want to let your customers use to get in

  • Setup the internet speed

    Choose the speed which you believe is good for your customers and does not harm your network

  • You got the control

    Define how long you want your clients to stay connected and when they are able to log in

  • Choose who can access

    Select which types of devices can access your network. Such as smartphones, notebooks and even video games

About us

We are a company that provides hotspot solutions for entrepreneurs, micro entrepreneurs and large corporations


System adaptable to all screens and platforms, designed to be errorless


Let the system work for you, while you keep up with everything on a complete remote control

Quick support

Efficient technical support area and online chat to solve your problems


Thanks to the technology used on this system's development and the dedication towards the elaboration of the system's complexity, we minimized future expenses and bureaucracies, so that you don't have pay anything more than necessary. This way we can provide the best services available on the most attractive price on the market.

We work mostly providing B2B (Business to Business) licenses specially to ISP (Internet service providers), autonomous computer technicians and franchises.

We operate over dozens of cities across several states and a couple of countries. Follow the link below to contact us and know more about our services.


Everything you need on a single app, where you have total control

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